About Me

I was born in March 1964 in Frankfurt, Germany where I grew up with my parents and my sister. In 1982 I started my training to become a pediatric nurse at the University Hospital Frankfurt. After qualifying I worked for two years at the hospital`s child surgery department.

In 1987, I started working with a mobile child nursing unit. The idea was to care for children at their homes to avoid impersonal stays at hospitals. I was very thankful for this career shift because I gained a lot for my personal growth and made my first contact with Yoga. 

From then on Yoga has become a constant factor in my life. In addition I trained in Reflexology and had an initiation into amazing energy wires of Reiki in level 1 and 2. Through this initiation  it became clear that I was taking a new path in my life.  

After becoming a Yoga teacher in 1995 from the school of Sivananda I offered regular Yoga classes. A wish became true, and the work with yoga started to be very fulfilling.  

In 1997 I moved to Portugal where I have been living and working professionally  as a Yoga teacher and therapist.  All of these different types of work and training have been very beneficial to my development as a healer.

I continue to learn different healing methods from various teachers and these inspirations and techniques influence my treatment work today. This allows me to reach people not only on the physical level. I trained personally under Dinah Rodrigues, the creator of Hormone Yoga, in 2008. This experience was truly inspirational to me as it corrected my own hormone imbalance.

Once I started teaching Hormone Yoga I soon realised how many women suffer in silence with Hormone Inbalance and soon through word of mouth due to the results achieved classes fill up regularly. I now offer Hormone Yoga on the Algarve. This is amazing and meaningful work for me, as it brings you closer to femininity in a joyful and compassionate way.