Hormone Yoga

Hormone Yoga (school of Dinah Rodrigues) is the natural alternative to conventional hormone  therapies. This Yoga is specifically directed to the female hormone system and glands. It is beneficial for the pituitary gland (hypophysis) ovaries, thyroid and adrenals. Hormone Yoga works mainly with Pranic Energies.

The dynamic Yoga sequences will activate your energy centres. This energy is directed towards the places in the body that are responsible for the balance of female hormones. The dynamic Hormone Yoga sequences are based on: 

  • Energetic Yoga and Hatha Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • The Tibetan technique of to directing energy.


How does it work?

Specific breathing techniques (pranayama) and body postures (asanas)  directly massage hormone producing glands. In addition the Tibetan way of directing energy is combined with specific muscle contractions (bandhas) in order to stimulate and activate female hormone production.

At what age is it best to start with Hormone Yoga?   

For all women who are very healthy, without symptoms, 35 is a good age to start. Anybody who suffers from PMS, or other hormone problems can start at any age. This type of Yoga is suitable for teenagers with hormone problems. Hot Flushes , Insomnia , Mood Swing, Lack Of Energie ,Emotional Instability, Loss Of Muscletone , Belly Bloat, Expending Waistline , Panic Attacks, Joint Pain , Reduced Sense Of Smell Or Memory  It is suitable for all women  before, during or after the menopause.


Some symptoms which can be caused from the lack of oestrogen


Hot Flushes , Insomnia , Mood Swing, Lack Of Energie ,Emotional Instability, Loss Of Muscletone , Belly Bloat, Expending Waistline , Panic Attacks,  Joint Pain , Reduced Sense Of Smell Or Memory



When is the Hormone Yoga counter productive (not recommended)?


  • During pregnancy
  • Hormonal types of breast cancer
  • Strong endometriosis
  • Enlarged myome in the uterus
  • Infections in the stomach area
  • Strong osteoporosis
  • Heart disease
  • Within 3 months of stomach surgery

You don`t need any experience in Yoga but a little discipline and regular practice is helpful.If you practice a minimum of 16 times per month you will experience positive results after just 4 months. All exercises are easy to learn. It will be very uplifting and you will  feel swift changes in your body during the courses.


For my own hormone inbalance, I chose not to  use conventional hormone therapy. I  practice Hormone Yoga myself on a regular basis, which makes me feel healthier, more relaxed, and emotionally balanced. My own hormone system experienced an extraordinary correction.