Quantum Method CQM

      The Chinese Quantum Method


The Chinese Quantum Method ( CQM ) combines the basics of human energy concepts , knowledge of the last quantum field theories , the most modern mental techniques.

CQM is currently one of the fastest and most advanced change methods. It presents a deeply effective coaching concept that adresses  the body, mind and emotions of people equally.

CQM affects the subtle body and neutralizes debilitating , pathogenic energies.

Physical, mental, emotional and psychological factors which can affect the health, their relationships and daily experience in almost all areas of life.

How is CQM working?

CQM is based on the principle of electromagnetic energy fields ,on the knowlege around energetic fighting and healing methods of CHINESE SHAOLIN MONKS . Our emotions impulse,beliefs, thoughts and disires and needs are electro magnetics waves with certain frequencies. The method is based on the fact that human can receive and emit electro magnetic information and use this ability to detect and  c o r r e c t  problems and energetic weaknesses. CQM provides a systematic protocol to detect weakening influences which caused problem and to transform the weakness into strenght .


There is no disease or problem that cannot be an application for CQM .
Chronic and acute pain in the limps , back, shoulder, sleeping disorder, stomach ache, asthma,etc.

CQM is the easiest and quickest way to neutralize any kind of suffering and to resolve existing `ENERGETIC WEAKNESSES`that trigger symtoms.

What is special about CQM coaching ?

It is a mental coaching conceptbased on questioning technique, intuition and perception , safer observation ,noticeable weakness, shows an experienced coach thoughts, concepts,patterns or beliefs that `swirl`the clients energy system and weaken it.

The goal of the coaching...

is to improve the limited quality of life so decisively that you can take your life in a stable and satisfied manner.


Type of Sessions:

Single, couples and children , Online ( Skype, WhatsApp & Facetime )


CQM is also an excellent addition for your seminar, workshop and retreats of all kind .




Price: 55 Euro (60 min)