Reflexology is an individual and targeted treatment and uses knowledge dating back about 5000 years. It was already in the Chinese, Indians and Indian tribal cultures and known as Naturopathy. Focusing on the feet as a mirror of the entire organism, it uses Zonetherapy discovered by Willam Fitzgerald. The treatment is performed on the feet using a certain acupressure technique. In addition, I activate healing energies to assist the process of the treatment .

What to expect:

The activation
... after a detailed conversation, we begin with the activation, which means:  you will be consciously focused entirely on the individual needs of your expectations.

The regeneration
... an experience in trust, openess, and a quiet and relaxing feeling in order to receive healing energy.

The harmonization
... perceive the balance in your being, so that you may heal yourself through an inner-knowingness.

The healing
... always happens when energies are allowed to go where needed This may be on the physical, mental or emotional level.

This is a very beneficial treatment you will enjoy!


Price: 40 Euro (60 min)