Regular Courses

All participants will be given a medical questionaire. This is followed by a personal talk where we discuss how certain course exercises may be altered to best suit  your individual situation.

I offer a 5 Days intensive continuous Hormone Yoga Course throughout the year. Group sizes are 5 to 8 people. This group size allows me to offer individual training methods, which are needed for best results in Hormone Yoga.

The local courses will be held  in the Dojo,  Barao Sao Joao near Lagos in Western Algarve, Portugal (www.zendojotaikuan.org) or Alma Verde Studio  ( Burgau)

You will be learning how to do all exercises very precisely, in order to enjoy the maximum effect of your hormone balance. After the course you will be able to practice by yourself.

Group practice:  inquire please
 Personal practice: 230 Euros

Feel free to contact me for any enquiries or to secure a place for the course.

Personal Hormone Yoga session

I offer fully individual practice in personal one to one sessions.


One week Hormone Yoga Retreat

For anyone who would like to combine a holiday with a Hormone Yoga course.  

For info,   www.algarveyoga.com